Ever since I first started commuting by motorcycle, I’ve had many non-riders ask questions about how I function with our changeable weather. From the beginning, I’ve never been someone who only rides in the summer.

If I’ve had a particularly trying commute, it sadly might take me some time to formulate a sensible answer. Usually I say something about my helmet, and my gear, and how much easier my commute is on something with a ton of storage space (like my maxi scooter).

It’s a fool’s game to compare yourself to other riders. But I’d like to think I’ve gathered some experiential knowledge that can help anyone new who wants to start commuting on two wheels attached to an engine. I’ve talked before about how much better your life is with balaclavas, as well as why heated gear is a must if you ride someplace with winter.

Moto commuting, to me, is a no-brainer in large city situations. The more congested your traffic flows are, the more your metropolitan area needs people riding bikes instead of driving cars. If you live and/or work in a less congested area, commuting by motorcycle is still a lot of stress-relieving fun. Why wouldn’t you want to do it, no matter where you live?

Since around 76 percent of American car commuters travel solo, it makes more sense to try moto commuting for several reasons:

  • Fuel prices
  • Ease of parking
  • Personal well-being
  • Ability to legally lane-split (CA only)
  • Significant reduction in road congestion
  • Possibly lower cost of vehicle operation/maintenance (varies based on how mechanically inclined/interested a rider is, of course)
  • Likelihood of reduction in road wear/tear if a large portion of the population starts riding to work instead of driving

How to Commute in (Almost) All Weather: An Infographic

Infographic describing how to deal with cold, rain, sun, and wind on a motorcycle commute

click image for full size version

Do you have any questions about/tips for a successful moto commute? Funny stories are always appreciated, too.

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