New feature! While I don’t see the point of aggregating all my Tweets on a regular basis, I’d like to archive (and share) this particular subgroup for…something-or-other. I mean, for once I’ve been led to believe they’re amusing to someone other than myself, so it’s got to be worth a shot! Bonus-of-negligible-importance with the repost: I can format these like actual letters! XD

NOTE: All of these may contain spoilers for the 2009 European Grand Prix at Valencia. If you’ve got it on your DVR and haven’t watched it yet, don’t read these unless you want to be spoiled!

Dear Renault,



Sebastian Vettel
Dear pit crew,

I said you were awesome on the podium yesterday…can one of you explain to Dad? He’s not happy.


Dear 7th Vertebra of Michael Schumacher’s neck,

…even broken, you’re still more talented than Luca Badoer.

<3, Stefano Domenicali ________________________ Dear Lewis, How could you not win yesterday?!? I wanted to bounce for the cameras! No love, Nicole Scherzinger ________________________ Dear Adrian Newey, Sorry mate, my luck strikes again. Fun while it lasted. Yours, Mark Webber ________________________ Dear Junior, I'm still faster than you...even while spun around backwards. Perfect hair forever, Romain Grosjean ________________________ Dear Mr. Mallya, Almost...touching...points! SO CLOSE! Next race for sure. Chakde (Force)India, Adrian Sutil ________________________ Dear Jaime Alguersuari, Please stop stealing my profile, especially while wearing sunglasses. Sincerely, Zachary Quinto ________________________ Dear F1 media, Don't call him "the Kimster." Kimi doesn't like it. Consider that a warning. Best, Kimi Raikkonen's Highlights ________________________ Dear Mikey, SEE, I CAN TOO DO IT! No longer in your shadow, Rubens Barrichello ________________________ Dear Felipe, Never taking your name off my helmet. Hope that's (and you are) OK. Forza, Rubinho ________________________ Dear McLaren Pit Crew, Didn't get to say this yesterday, but thanks. The champagne's on me. Love, Rubens ________________________ Dear Rubens, About time. Your mentor, M ________________________ Dear Rubens, Think I need a doctor. Am clearly hallucinating again. Worriedly, Felipe Massa ________________________ Dear Mr. Domenicali, You...choo-choo-choose me for Spa? Even after yesterday? Those 10 years were SO worth it! <3, Luca Badoer ________________________ Dear Ferrari, Told you so. Expecting your call, Anthony Davidson ________________________ Dear All, Oh how you'll pay when Dad buys me Dr. Mario for xmas! Wait...does he come with BMW? Dad? Poutily, Nelson Piquet Jr. ________________________ Dear Nelsinho, Haven't you been paying attention? Dr. Mario's gotten me nowhere. Regards, Robert Kubica ________________________ Dear Brawn GP, You thought you could escape us. You thought wrong. MWAHAHA @ Suzuka from 2010. Cordially, Honda ________________________ Dear Max Mosley, I am so committed to F1 success that I'll even buy ForceIndia. Hi to your mate Allan. See you next year, David Richards

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