If the answer is “no,” it’s time to ask yourself why not.

Maybe you haven’t figured out what you want yet. That’s okay; everyone has to start somewhere. Go at your own pace, be completely honest about your needs, and you’ll figure it out.

Maybe you haven’t found the right person to write what you want. That’s okay, too; decisions made in haste rarely end well. (Everyone thinks they want that entire quart of ice cream, but not a single person does by the time they finish it!)

Maybe you’ve been too busy to even think about it. When you’re juggling so much at once, it can be tough to prioritize content. After all, you might think, the status quo has worked just fine until now. That might be true, but so are a few other things:

  1. No one keeps coming back to any one single webpage to read the same thing over again. I don’t care how clever your catchphrase is. We all hear catchy jingles in our heads (sometimes in our sleep, even), but that doesn’t mean we go find that commercial on YouTube and put it on loop in a browser window all day long.
  2. Without dynamic content, your customer interest flatlines. Unless none of your customers ever goes online (which is probably unlikely, at best), they’ll research your company if they’re interested in your product. But they’ll move on to the next thing that captures their interest if you aren’t giving them something good.
  3. You need the best custom content for your excellent customer base. That quality content is consistently honest and useful. Let’s say you manufacture motorcycle tires. Some customers might want to know technical specifications, but a lot more will be interested in how your tires perform in different weather conditions. Do you have test results that demonstrate outstanding performance in the rain? How about in changing weather conditions, where the road is extra slick from the chemical soup that accumulates from all the traffic driving on it every day?
  4. That’s where I come in. Tell me what you want, and I’ll guide your customers where they want to go to get the information they need. It’s that easy.

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