Click through for larger versions if you’d like.

Italian Sweet Basil and Rosemary, 5/9/09

Italian Sweet Basil and Rosemary

Italian Sweet Basil, Top View, 5/9/09

Bai Horapa (Thai Basil), top view.

Bai Horapa (Thai Basil), 5/9/09

Bai Horapa (Thai Basil)

Various tomatoes, 5/9/09

Tomatoes: Roma, Sweet Cherry, Jubilee, and San Marzano

Strawberries, 5/9/09

Strawberries in bloom

Dill and Salad Burnet, 5/9/09

Dill and Salad Burnet

Flat-Leaf Parsley, 5/9/09

Flat-Leaf Parsley

Chives, 5/9/09

Chives, budding

I’m thinking those photography classes are paying off, as I did in fact take these all myself. I’m sure Joe is breathing a sigh of relief. 😉

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