Planted my usual suspects earlier today, with slight variation: did one roma tomato, one cherry tomato, one jubilee tomato, and one San Marzano. Haven’t tried growing San Marzanos before, but I really hope it does well…with the general ratio of tastiness between other types of fresh tomatoes gotten from a farmer’s market and ones eaten just moments after plucking off your own vines, I’ll have more than just cause to be excited. 😀

Also planted standard-issue Italian sweet basil and some rosemary. My perennial herbs are coming back nicely, especially the salad burnet. (I’ve taken photos of all this, but haven’t had a chance to look them over yet and edit, so you’ll probably see those tomorrow.)

What’s really impressive, though, are the things that have come back even though they’re not really supposed to. My chive, well…nothing can kill chives. Or dill. Or strawberries, apparently. I expected those to be thriving, and indeed they are.

But my flat-leaf parsley! Even some of the cilantro! The dill has spread itself around to wherever there isn’t something else planted, and since it’s rather pretty and delicious, I don’t mind one bit.

The TOTAL SHOCKER, though? Bai horapa (Southeast Asian purple-stemmed basil) EVERYWHERE. I don’t remember when I planted it…if it was last year or the year before. It didn’t come up then, though. Now? I’m lousy with the stuff, and couldn’t be more pleased…well, except if it was Italian basil that randomly sprouted everywhere.

Can’t wait to see what comes back next year! 😀

Photos tomorrow. I’m really excited about my garden this year. The worms are, too—can’t turn over a shovel full of dirt without hitting at least one. I ♥ my garden. 😀

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