• New F1 news post on CarEnvy: Lewis Hamilton’s Massive Comeback Overshadowed by Massa Accident. With the news that Felipe Massa may not be able to race ever again due to the damage his eye suffered in that freak accident during Q2 at the Hungaroring this weekend, thoughts up and down the paddock and indeed around the world are quite somber. Obviously it could have been much worse, but it raises a question we probably all hope we’ll never have to answer for ourselves: which is worse, dying in pursuit of something we love beyond all else, or living with the consciousness that this thing which we love so much may now have been taken from us forever? I’d wager it depends on what sort of person you are, and as with anything, what you make of the circumstances. I said it in the article and will say it again here, because it can’t be said enough: my thoughts are definitely with Massa and his family, and I wish all the best for his recovery. And also hope that things go well with the upcoming birth of his first child…this is a whole lot to have happen at once, for anyone. D:
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