• New F1 News post on CarEnvy: Bridgestone done with F1, Barrichello leaves Brawn, Vettel wins I could have predicted two of these things, but not the third. I’m seriously intrigued as to what’s going to happen with tires in 2011. Also mentioned in this news roundup is the fact that Red Bull still haven’t officially declared whose engines they’re going with for 2010. Auto, Motor und Sport had a report picked up by GMM and a bunch of Euro press saying they were definitely going with Renault, but GMM is hardly ever reliable AND Red Bull Racing themselves have denied that a choice has been made. Presumably they’re waiting to see if Mercedes will indeed be detuning customer engines for 2010, after how Brawn wiped the floor with everyone else this season…if Red Bull had a Mercedes powerplant this year, they’d probably have taken Brawn down handily.
  • New F1 Editorial post on CarEnvy: What will become of Kamui Kobayashi? Here’s hoping Toyota pulls through, or else someone else sees his promise and picks him up. If you were watching the last two races of the 2009 F1 season, chances are great that you saw him—how could you not have? Man was brilliant. I only wish he’d podiumed, which he almost did—would’ve made it that much more obvious. It will seriously be criminal if he has no ride next year.
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