So guys, things have been rough since I developed a compressed ulnar nerve. Maybe that sounds like an understatement to you, but let me assure you, it isn’t something you ever want to have.

One of the most frustrating parts of this entire months-long experience is that I missed out on some of the best (for me) riding times of the year in 2015: the entire autumn season! UGH.

But although it’s frustrating, I know that of course it could be so much worse. Still, we had a pretty mild winter in Chicago and the surrounding areas (well, for us). There have been plenty of days when I would gladly have been out rolling around–possibly with heated gear, but the point is, I’d still be out on two wheels.

As it is, I haven’t ridden a bike since September 2015, and hearing them roar in the distance is both encouraging and frustrating. While I’m currently on the road to recovery from surgery, I’ve been left plenty of time to think more about riding since I can’t do it right now. I’ve been pondering a few questions and thoughts that I wanted to put to you because I’m curious.

Here’s the first one:

So, what won’t you do on a motorcycle?

When you’re out riding, what’s the one thing you absolutely refuse to do? I hadn’t given it much thought until recently, but then my SO rode across a rope bridge in Nepal and I saw a picture and went “NOPE.” (It’s breathtakingly gorgeous, of course, but I have a thing about heights and would probably have been an embarassing weeping puddle of fright refusing to cross that bridge. I love to push my own boundaries, but everyone has their limits.)

On the other hand, bridges that seem industrially sound don’t bother me. The Coronado Bridge in San Diego is fine to ride across, for example–although it’s definitely no joke when there are strong crosswinds.

So what’s the one thing on your motorcycle that you refuse to do?

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