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A good ride is hungry work.

Sure, there are your commuting rides. There are your short errand rides. And there are your “oh shit, I’m completely late, I should’ve been there 5 minutes ago” rides where you barely remember how you got somewhere.

But when you’re just out riding for yourself, where do you like to stop and eat? Do you like to have something planned in advance, or just let something grab your attention along the way? Are you most interested in new, interesting food places, or do you prefer to stick with your comfortable favorites?

If you’re anything like me, you probably want to eat at some point, and you probably prefer to have some kind of plan in place before you get there. What’s the parking situation going to be like? How busy is it going to be? If it’s a gorgeous day, can you sit outside?

Finding Balance

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The key is always spending the right amount of time to enjoy yourself (and time spent with any riding companions), but not spending too much time off the bike. If you’re by yourself, you’re even faster or slower, depending on whether you rode somewhere with your computer to get some work done, or just want a quick sip (or bite, or pee) before going on your merry way.

Then comes the delicate task of ordering appropriately. You want enough of whatever you’re eating to feel full, but not so much that you want a nap. That goes double if you’re crouching over the tank of a sportbike.

For Your Friend Who Couldn’t Join You

And if you’re feeling nice and relaxed at the end of the day, don’t forget to bring back something for anyone who didn’t get to ride today. After all, you should feel sorry for them.

Do you have any food rules for your rides? Are you someone who always packs a candy or granola bar somewhere on your bike? Please fill me in on your food strategies in the comments! 

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