Snuggle Alarm



As a rule, I’ve always hated alarm clocks.

Of course I’ve had several. It’s not so much the waking up that’s the problem; it’s the feeling that I’ve been interrupted. I always feel like I haven’t gotten enough sleep if it’s an alarm that wakes me up. The time of day when I’m waking up doesn’t matter, either — nor how many hours I’ve actually slept. It’s really just the simple, horrible fact of being jolted away from my dreams with a terrible noise. Ugh.

Waking up on my own usually works a lot better. I feel more rested, more ready to start taking on the day.

The snuggle alarm works well, too.

Sabine is our most recent contestant in the snuggle alarm sweepstakes (which is, in our household, always a house-rabbit-only contest).

How does the snuggle alarm work? It’s quite simple. Your rabbit (or cat, or dog, or other companion animal who has the run of your house — or, at least, your bedroom) leaps up onto the bed and snuggles you awake. This may involve kisses, your fur-kids snuggling you, urgent demands that you snuggle them, carefully launching themselves so they land directly on your bladder and make you have to get out of bed immediately, urgent kneading of the covers/your arm, and/or backing their furry little butts into your face.

Lest you think that the snuggle alarm is simply cute, I can assure you that it’s saved us from oversleeping on a number of occasions as well.

Most of the time, the snuggle alarm goes off around the time our normal alarm clocks go off. House rabbits like routine, so this isn’t surprising.

What’s hilarious is when the snuggle alarm goes off in the complete absence of a normal alarm clock — either due to malfunction, or operator error. Hilariously awesome, that is. There have been days when either myself or my SO would have been completely late to work or another appointment if it wasn’t for the snuggle alarm. I’m not exaggerating.

What I’m telling you is that I should really just get rid of my alarm clock entirely. Look at that face. Clearly the Sabine snuggle alarm is the best alarm.

Do you have any snuggle alarm experiences that you’d like to share?

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