Yard Bunnies!

Our neighborhood is a fairly quiet, sleepy one. We live on a street shaped like a horseshoe, and there are lots of families with young children around…although oddly, many of these seem to be on the opposite side of the horseshoe to us.

As we have neither kids nor dogs, it stands to reason that our yards (both front and back) would be wonderful places for bunnies to hide—and hide they do.

Yesterday morning was a first, though—none of them has EVER let either of us get so close to them. I was hard at work baking bread by the time these videos were taken, but Joe was outside prepping his bike for a long ride with his brother. Happily, he managed to grab a lovely photo and some video footage. 😀

Yard Bunny Close Up

This photo was taken with almost no zoom whatsoever—he really was that close! 😀

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