5 Good Reasons to Wear Balaclavas on Your Motorcycle

Sharing sweaty karting helmets sucks without balaclavas.

Sharing sweaty karting helmets sucks without balaclavas. Photo by Oscar Henche Juanico on Flickr.


If you’ve ever been go-karting, it’s very likely that you’ve worn a balaclava at some point. Most kart tracks have helmets, fireproof racing suits, and head and neck restraint devices for karters to wear. Balaclavas (or head socks, as they’re sometimes called) are also usually available, because who wants to get someone else’s sweat and hair gel all over when they slide into that borrowed helmet?

If you’re a biker who wears a helmet, a good balaclava is also indispensable. Yes, I know — that lid is your own, and you don’t share it with anyone (or at most, you let your girlfriend/boyfriend/whatever borrow it on occasion). It’s still a good idea.

Why? Five simple reasons:



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