Ride The Sainted Rhythms

Motorcycles and swimming are forms of meditation that are more closely related than you might, at first, think.

I’m very fond of both, and have only recently realized how much they truly have in common.

When you ride a motorcycle, you become gloriously single-minded. You can’t be distracted, because if you become distracted, you could actually die. No mere hyperbole, this. One split-second when you’re not entirely focused on both your behavior and that of the traffic around you, and you’re toast. Period.

All your attention goes toward piloting your bike through traffic. Some part of your brain may file away pertinent details about other vehicles or situations on the road that you encounter, but that’s all via your subconscious thought processes. Your conscious thought processes remain solely fixed on effectively strategizing your way through traffic. How can you avoid that dude over there on his cell phone, who clearly isn’t paying attention to traffic? How can you get around that lady who apparently doesn’t believe in turn signals? Your brain and eyes race ahead of your current position, planning everything out and leaving as little as possible to chance.


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