blackout There’s nothing quite like losing electricity to make you feel powerless — especially if you’re already fairly isolated, as you tend to be if you write.

It does suck — especially if your computer and other assorted electronic gadgets of choice and/or necessity aren’t charged up. But it’s hardly the end of the world. (As I’m sure everyone knows, the end of the world is when your WiFi goes out. 😉 )

The key is being willing to adjust your plans so that it’s a mere diversion, not a roadblock. Obviously, this won’t work if you’re on a tight deadline and your electricity goes out at zero hour — but even then, public libraries, coffee shops, laundromats, and some restaurants often have electricity and free WiFi for customers.

If you’re not on the tightest of deadlines, maybe it’s time to do something else that’s on your list. I know it seems obvious, but sometimes the frustration of being stopped mid-task can stop you dead in your tracks. It’s up to you not to let it; that’s the only way you’ll be successful with whatever goal you’re working toward.

If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go work with pencil and paper and rulers now.

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