This rabbit is, incidentally, called Moo. Not the Moo, of course. BEWARE OF IMITATIONS.

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Bunny Break

Knitting For Bunnies

  Hoppy New Year! OK, OK, the new year started 15 days ago. And I have plenty of other stuff to write about (including my recent forays into the world of gluten-free cooking and baking), Read more…

Bunny Break

Sabine #1

Bunny on my face Must be wake-up time; oh, no. Only two a.m. Tweet Related

Bunny Break

Who Needs Sheepdogs?

Nothing wrong with sheepdogs, of course. But Champis is very talented. I do, of course, wish the song used wasn’t possibly threatening the rabbit, but this video is completely awesome otherwise. 😀 Tweet Related

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