Firstly, that Thai basil? In only one week, it’s grown a lot. There’s more of it coming up, too. But here are the same plants I took photos of last week.

Thai Basil, Only 1 Week Later!

And as I believe I mentioned previously, the dill is coming up like mad. Seriously, anyplace there’s not something else planted, there’s almost a groundcover of dill. Obviously it won’t stay like this for long, as it grows to be rather tall rather quickly, but.

Miniature Forest of Dill

The salad burnet is just about to flower, too. 😀

Salad Burnet, Almost Flowering

I’m also growing Japanese mustard. I forgot to take a photo of it last week, sorry. XD;;;

Japanese Mustard

And also, one of our yard bunnies was hard at work the other day, diligently cropping some grass. We saw him, and I tried to take photos, but they were kind of craptastic so I’m sparing you the pain of looking at them. Didn’t see what else he’d been eating until today.

With that in mind, may I present Yard Bunny Garnishing Techniques, Lesson One? 😉

Dandelion Decimation, Side View

And a top view:

Dandelion Decimation, Top View

And a differently-angled view. It looks…kind of like the Dreamwidth logo. XD

Dandelion Decimation, Angle View

In conclusion, yay Yard Bunny! 🙂

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