• New F1 News post on CarEnvy: So, Who’s Subbing for Massa? No matter what the future holds for Felipe Massa, it’s pretty certain that he won’t be back in a racecar of any stripe for the rest of the 2009 F1 season—and definitely not for the next race, which will take place in a month’s time at Valencia. Since it’s F1, of course the rumour mill has been working overtime, and since Niki Lauda and Bernie Ecclestone are Niki Lauda and Bernie Ecclestone, they’ve both had quite a lot to say to the press on the subject. Oh, and you know Renault’s been banned from the European Grand Prix at Valencia, right? Which means that, if their appeal fails to reverse the decision, Fernando Alonso won’t be able to race at his home grand prix if things stay as they currently stand at the moment?

    If F1 were an anime, this would be a particularly opportune moment for a big, dramatic synth cue and an overemotive cry of “DOUSHIYOOOOOOOOOOOU?!?!?!?!” Oh, F1, you just get more and more insane with each passing year. Really, who needs soap operas when we have the highest tier of international motorsport? XD

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