First, we’ll start this with the bunnies. I think I mentioned that we’ve discovered that we have a family of at least 3 bunnies living in our backyard, right? It seems like they hang out in the hostas, but they like this one area in the back under a crabapple tree where we’ve been letting the grass grow a bit longer. Up until last year, almost no grass would grow there because it’s so shady, but we planted some shade-loving fescues back there and have been leaving them long in order to encourage them to grow. Double bunny bonus, apparently! 🙂

Anyway, Joe managed to get this video of two of them eating breakfast. Then, after he put the camera away, the third one (the other adult) showed up and all THREE of them were eating. Ridiculously cute. 😀

In other news, new F1 news article up at CarEnvy. More rumours than news, actually: Both Jacques Villeneuve and the Canadian GP may be back in 2010.

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