• New F1 News post on CarEnvy: Montreal Back on Calendar for 2010? F1 fans were outraged when it was announced that the historic (and historically great, and historically greatly-attended) annual stop at the Circuit du Gilles Villeneuve on the F1 calendar was to vanish. Obviously, F1 intends to make money. No one lacks understanding of this pursuit, nor does anyone object to it (on that simple level, at least). But throwing over Montreal in favor of Istanbul (which lost a ridiculous amount of money)? Bernie Ecclestone became so ridiculously filthy rich how again, exactly? 😛

    At any rate, the wrong might be on its way to being made right, and since CarEnvy.ca is the home of the Canadian car enthusiast, obviously we’ll be keeping on top of any and all developments in this story. Plus, even if we weren’t at all interested in the Canadian aspect, it’s just a bloody awesome circuit. 😀

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