Spent my free time last weekend making this mitten.

Now it just needs its left buddy. I made the matching hat (with earflaps) last winter. At long last, the set shall be completed and united.

Mittens really are like socks for your hands. Especially since the thumb springs from a gusset. I really love how these are lined, too. The main body of the mittens is merino wool, but the lining for the flip-top is knit with cream-colored wool doubled up with suri alpaca. SO SOFT AND WARM I CANNOT TELL YOU.

We’re in the middle of a big winter storm here, so it’s time for knitting and tea.  Hey, it works to distract myself from not being able to go out on a bike anytime soon! 😛

(No, seriously, I do love knitting. I just do a lot more of it when it’s winter, and I’m pretty sure it’s because I can’t take any bikes out. 😉 )


Categories: Knitting

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