For some time now, I’ve been wanting a swift. After doing a bunch of research into my available options, I came across several ingenious solutions people had developed to make their own. As you may or may not have gathered by now, I’m a pretty DIY kind of gal. *halos*

The K’nex one someone did was awesome, and the Lego ballwinder was fantastic, too. Some of the other designs were admirable, but the one that really caught my attention was Jen’s Tinkerswift. Made entirely from Tinker Toys, I thought it really made the most sense of all. Sure, I could have got some supplies from the hardware store and built my own out of plywood and dowelling, but I’d have been terrified that I hadn’t sanded something-or-other down enough, and that I’d soon be finding out exactly how inept my DIY hardware ski110rz were when some lovely bit of yarn ended up ruined by my hands.

Something made for children, though, seemed ideal. Janni-proof, even. And absolutely nerdtastic! Obviously, it was made for me. Off to eBay I went.


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