Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

"Is there anything you've missed that I haven't made in awhile? Or anything you've really had a taste for?" I asked. "Chicken kiev. My mom used to make them and I loved them," Joe replied. And so, off I went on a kiev-making mission. Truthfully, I loved them when I was little, but I hadn't thought about them in ages---well, except when they came up in culinary school. We didn't make them in class, but they were in one of our textbooks, and were discussed since they're kind of well-known. Fundamentally, they're very easy---it's basically just an herbed compound butter stuffed into a chicken breast which is then three-step breaded and lightly pan-fried. Those are the basics, of course; your variations lie in your seasoning and bread-crumb-selection prowess. Not to mention your selection of pan-frying fat. Mine turned out quite nicely, and he liked them quite a lot. And then confided in me that these weren't the kievs he was looking for. (more…)

By Janaki, ago

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